Cash is No Longer King at Epic Burger and Elsewhere

I was talking to one of my expert loan officers who tried to go out to lunch at Epic Burger and had to put the order on her credit card because they are no longer accepting cash.

Why is your mortgage guy writing about a burger joint no longer accepting cash? Because while more and more restaurants make this jump to dethrone cash as king, more and more people will be adding to their credit card debt for everyday expenses like taking their family out to dinner.

The average consumer credit card debt continues to be a massive problem and more and more people are coming to us for cash out refinances because of their credit card debt.

If you have credit card debt that is limiting your financial life every month as you pay ridiculous credit card fees I can help. Call 855-563-2843 and after your loan closes… we’ll grab a burger.

David Hochberg

NMLS #: 136675