Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage Loans

For those who have followed me over the years or have heard me on the radio you know that I LOVE reverse mortgage loans, but there is so much negative baggage attached to this amazing loan program.

These are the top six reasons I LOVE reverse mortgage loans;

  1. Enables experienced homeowners to pay off their existing mortgage and defer future mortgage payments which enables those funds to be used on other housing expenses like taxes and insurance.
  2. Tax free way to increase cash flow
  3. Extends the life of homeowners existing retirement savings
  4. HECM has a built in cost of living increase factor
  5. Family has the opportunity to purchase the home upon the owners passing at current market value
  6. The debt does not get transferred to the heirs of the home/estate

Our reverse mortgage loan expert, Jose Rodriguez, has put together an amazingly detailed brochure of all the frequently asked questions.  To receive your complimentary copy of the most frequently asked questions call me at 855-563-2843 or email me at

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