Ten States With the Lowest Mortgage Closing Costs

Someone recently stopped me as I left a radio station to ask me about closing costs. They had been considering buying a home for a long time, and had just hit “that magic 20% down number save” for their ideal home price. I then asked, “Do you have additional funds for closing costs?”

They looked at me like I had six heads. Clearly, the idea of saving money on top of a down payment had never crossed this person’s mind.

The good news is there are several down payment and closing cost assistance programs, and if you live in these ten states, your costs are already lower than everyone else. The better news is that if you work with Team Hochberg, we can help you get a mortgage no matter what. Anyone can get a mortgage, but you need to work with an expert who can help put together an individual plan for you! Call us today to get started.

David Hochberg


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