America’s Credit Cards: Avoidable Mistakes and Over 100 Billion in Interest

New research shows that the amount of money that U.S. consumers shell out yearly in credit cards fees and interest has passed the $100 billion mark. As the economy continues to improve, more and more people are using credit cards, if they can qualify. Despite this massive problem, people still know shockingly little about their debt, and credit card mistakes are about as common as credit cards themselves.

Your credit score has massive influence over your life, and unless you like paying more for insurance, phones, utilities, apartments and more, you need to work on enhancing your credit. There’s lots of distracting information out there, but there are proven methods you can take right away that will enhance your credit.

The best thing you can do if you are concerned about your credit is to call 855-563-2843 or fill out this form. We will analyze your credit for free, and potentially recommend you consult with Gary Novel, the only credit enhancement expert we trust to work with our clients. If you work with Gary and come back to Team Hochberg, we will give you a closing cost credit for Gary’s fee. Make an investment in yourself and connect with Team Hochberg today!