America’s Nine Hundred and Thirty Billion Dollar Problem: Credit Card Debt

America loves baseball, apple pie, and credit card debt. As a country, we’re walking around with about 930 billion dollars of credit card debt, which works out to about $16,000 of debt per American household.

In some ways, this is actually a good thing! Credit card debt is a sign that people are spending more, and they’re more confident in the economy. However, it’s important to remember that credit card debt comes with high interest rates, security risks, and late fees.

If you’re struggling with credit card debt, don’t panic! Many people fall into serious credit card debt before they even understand credit card basics, while others get too wrapped up in bad advice to know what to believe. In some cases, you can lower your interest rate or get friendlier terms simply by calling your credit card company.

However, it might make sense to pursue a cash out refinance to consolidate your credit card debt into a lower interest mortgage payment. Far too many people get trapped because they look at high interest rates and think there is no way out. There is! It’s all about the monthly payment, and my team can help if you call us today at 855-563-2843 or visit our website today!