Credit: Everything You Need to Know and How Your Credit Score Might Be Holding You Back

The average American’s credit score rose slightly in 2017, but that good news comes shortly after America surpassed 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt. While credit has been more in the news lately after Equifax’s data breach last year, and “experts” love to tell you what to do with your information, most consumers out there are walking around with no real sense of their own credit, or what they could do to improve their scores. As people age their credit tends to improve, but too many people can’t secure the best mortgage available to them  because of problems with their credit.

Credit card defaults are on the rise, and with that comes serious risks to a consumers credit. Whether people are defaulting from economic challenges, from financial trends, or from bitcoin, the reality is that one bad move could cause serious hurdles for your financial future. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you FINALLY get your finances in order, and stop making irresponsible decisions, I can help.

Ever since I got into the mortgage industry, I’ve worked with Gary Novel to learn everything possible about credit. His experience has shown me the proven ways we can help people with their credit card debt and improve their credit scores. The fact is, you need a plan, and Gary can help you come up with a plan. I’m so confident in Gary’s abilities, I’ve offered up this challenge.

If you work with Gary and come to Team Hochberg to secure a mortgage, we’ll credit you the cost of Gary’s services when we close on your transaction. If you want to refinance at the best rates available, or if you’re ready to own your own home, give Gary a call today at 630-624-9557!

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