First Time Home Buyer: Everything You Need To Know To Get Out of Your Parents’ Basement

You’ve finally made the decision. You’re ready to have your place, and start your version of the American Dream with a place of your own. Which means you probably have one very large question…


How does this work? Why do I need a realtor if the internet exists? I can afford it, but do I have to go with a lender who is more obsessed with their rockets than helping people? Whatever your questions are, I assure you that they are completely normal!

If you’ve made the decision to become a home buyer, you’ve made yourself wealthier. Congratulations! You’ve made a decision that will literally make you richer! But it can still seem overwhelming, because you’ve never negotiated anything like this!

The best advice I can give to anyone when they don’t know what to do… is to find someone who does. My team can help explain the vocabulary of real estate, and we can also answer all of your questions. What seems complicated to you is everyday to us! We will walk you through all of your financing options, and if you’re interested we can also help connect you with other real estate professionals who will help you with the rest of the transaction.

I look forward to our team helping you secure your next mortgage. Give us a call at 855-563-2843 or visit our home page to get a free rate quote!

David Hochberg

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