Gig Economy Mortgages

I spoke with a woman today who was concerned because her husband has multiple jobs, has changed jobs multiple times over the past two years, and she thought it would impact her chances to get a mortgage. They both work incredibly hard, and are simply fighting against this new “gig economy” that many younger individuals are struggling with.

You can still get a mortgage If you’re employed part time.  You can still get a mortgage if you’re self employed, and you can still get a mortgage if you’re employed at multiple places. All of those scenarios may make the mortgage process more complicated, but they are certainly not dis-qualifiers.

Then I saw this article that actually gives people in scenarios similar to the woman I spoke with some helpful advice when it comes to securing a mortgage. If you are upfront with your lender and if you are organized with your employment history and finances, you can secure a mortgage with a very similar process compared to a W2-Salaried employee. If you “go the extra mile” with your lender, they will make that extra mile as easy as possible!

I sincerely want to be your “Lender for Life.” I understand the pressures that come with securing a mortgage, and after helping originate over $8,000,000 in loans I believe I can help you no matter what your challenges are. Call me today!

David Hochberg

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