Homeowners Regrets and How You Can Avoid Them

Trulia recently came out with a survey detailing homeowners regrets about the purchase process. You can check out the various regrets in their survey, but I wanted to share with you my informal survey about the regrets of real estate financing.

1. Going with their realtors lender or the bank: You should shop around for the best mortgage company available. In our heavily over regulated industry, any reputable lender should offer you an interest rate within an 8th of a point of each other. Your bank doesn’t necessarily have the best officer, and your realtor’s lender might not have your best interest. Take the time you need with this purchase, it’s probably the biggest investment of your life!

2. Not asking enough questions: My number one job is to help you secure the best financing possible. That means that you should ask me all of your questions. It’s what I’m here for!

3. Not refinancing sooner: I spoke with a lady this week who took out an adjustable rate mortgage twenty years ago, but was nervous to call me! I calmly explained that while she’s throwing money away every month, we can definitely help, and we’re going to save her thousands of dollars a year.

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