Reverse Mortgage Loans and Retirement: What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever heard me talk about reverse mortgage loans, you’ve heard me advocate for this misunderstood and misrepresented loan product. To reiterate, these loans were used by scam artists to take advantage of experienced homeowners, but that doesn’t make them bad loans. A reverse mortgage loan can be a great option for many people, but it’s vital that you work with someone that you trust.

While we have discussed at length the many benefits for both refinancing your existing debt into a reverse mortgage loan and purchasing a home with a reverse mortgage, more and more retirement experts are beginning to advocate for reverse mortgage loans.

Maximizing the investment of your home has become increasingly more and more important to experienced homeowners as home values have continued to climb. There’s lots of steps you can take to increase your nest egg, but a reverse mortgage loan might be the best option for you!

The most effective thing you can do is to talk to an expert on reverse mortgage loans who will help you understand if this loan product is the right option for you. That’s why we are hosted a seminar on July 27th with WGN Radio legend Orion Samuelson. Take the time to learn the truth so you understand all of your options!

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