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If you talk to any loan officer, they’ll probably tell you that their “favorite” loans are VA Loans. Team Hochberg loves those who have given so much to our country, and we’ve discovered that many veterans have no idea the benefits that are available to them! The V.A. wants to help, but there aren’t enough resources available to teach veterans all about the great loan products they’ve earned by serving our country.

That’s why we’ve started the “VA Tip of the Day” that you can subscribe to, here! We’ll provide new tips to your inbox every morning so that you can learn more and more about what a VA Loan can do for you! If you’ve never served, we still hope you subscribe to learn about how a veteran in your life could benefit from these loan products, and if you’re a realtor or other real estate professional, these tips can greatly benefit your clients!

Most importantly, if you’ve ever served our country, thank you for your service!