Success Story: Helping Family Secure the Right Mortgage For Them

One of the biggest perks of doing what I do is being able to help my family and friends secure a new mortgage. Attached to this is a picture of me and my sister in law Deb at the closing of the home she recently purchased. Four years ago, when my youngest nephew was a freshman in high school, I refinanced her into a 5/1 ARM and lowered her payment over $400 per month.

Deb knew she was going to sell her home and downsize after my nephew graduated, so refinancing into an adjustable rate mortgage was an outstanding low risk, high reward option for her. Deb used the $4,800 a year savings over the past four years to do minor renovations and save money. Deb listed and sold her home in May, my nephew graduated at the end of May and Deb closes on the sale of her current home and officially moves into her new home on June 15th.

Deb is a perfect example of getting into a loan program which best fits your needs. She knew she was going to sell, and the most important thing to her was getting her monthly payment as low as possible so she could save money. That’s why my team and I listen to our clients when they call, and figure out what is the most important thing to them for their new mortgage. It’s the biggest investment of your life and any lender who doesn’t respect that doesn’t deserve your business.

If you know you are moving or downsizing in the next couple of years and want to see how much we can lower your monthly payment, like I lowered my sister in laws payment, give me a call NOW at 855-563-2843 or follow me on Facebook & Twitter for more information directly from me!

David Hochberg