Thinking Outside the Box: Finding the Right Mortgage For You

In today’s ever changing real estate market, it’s important that you work with a lender you can trust, and a lender who will look at all of your options. Too often, people get turned away from big banks for from lazy lenders who don’t understand all of the options available in the market today.

Team Hochberg is different. We take the time to explain every option available because that’s our only job! Often, we’re helping parents figure out how they can help their kids buy a home, and sometimes we’re just explaining to millennials how buying a home works and explain the “secrets” of this stressful purchase. We make sure everyone understands what they need to know before refinancing, and we look at all of our options like paying points, or going with an interest-only loan.

Every option should be on the table with every client, and we take the time to look at all of your options and to help you get a plan to secure a mortgage if you don’t qualify yet. We can help you get a mortgage if you don’t have a credit score, we can help you if you have a bad credit score, we can help you find the most affordable home available to you. We take time to learn as much as we can about our clients, to see if they qualify for anything from a simple VA loan to a more complex jumbo refinance.

The fact is, it’s getting more challenging to find a trustworthy lender or realtor who wants to help you, partially because of the current condition of the housing market. Every house is getting multiple offers, and people are staying in their homes and taking out cash out refinances, rather than moving on. Realtors are feeling the pressure, and while it’s a good thing you’re not paying the interest rates of the past, it still can feel like you’re stuck renting when you feel ready to buy, even in a “hot” market.

We’re ready to help, but we can’t help if you don’t call 855-563-2843 or connect with us via our website!