Three Financial Missteps and How You Can Avoid Them

  1. Pay Your Bills… On Time!
  2. Don’t assume!
    • Lots of people think they can’t qualify for a mortgage, and they’re wrong! Anyone can get a mortgage, if you’re willing to take the time required and work with an honest lender!
    • Don’t assume that your friend or uncle is the best real estate agent. Don’t assume that the person who is selling you the property has the right real estate agent, and never be afraid to ask questions!
    • It’s 2018, which means that you don’t have to just walk into a bank to apply for a mortgage. If you’re looking to refinance you can apply in person, over the phone, or online!
  3. Be informed!
    • Far too many people have no idea what their mortgage interest rate is, and far too many people are walking around with interest rates that start with 6%, or even 7% or higher! A simple refinance could save you thousands and all you’ll have to do is call!
    • Whether this is your first or your 100th home, you can avoid common mistakes by just making a plan!
    • The real estate market is always changing, and it’s important that you stay informed if you’re buying or selling any real estate.