Today’s Real Estate Market and How You Can Get The Help You Need

Every week when I start my radio show on WLS, I state that the experts I work with are here to, “help you through the ever-changing real estate market.” The fact is, unless you work in the real estate business, it’d be impossible for you to keep up with all of the different trends and changes that happen in any market, but especially real estate markets with lots of competition!

2018 is already been an interesting year in real estate, with interest rates rising and inventory staying low, more and more potential home owners are relying on experts to help them get the best deal or make the best offer. There’s lots to consider when picking the right lender for you or the right realtor, but it comes down to finding someone who is honest and who is here for you, not just their bottom line!

My team and the real estate professionals we work with are here to help you. Our job is to make sure you fully understand every detail of the transaction, including what comes with the kind of home you’re interested in. If you’re trying to sell your home but can’t find the right offer, or if you’re trying to buy your next home and are looking for all of your financing options, we will take the time to explain everything.

Too often you see headlines about dishonest lenders, or it seems like the only people buying real estate are celebrities and multimillionaires. My team exists to be fully honest with you and to make sure that you have a plan on how to secure your next mortgage, regardless of your income. We look forward to helping you today when you call 855-563-2843 or go back to the home page of our website!

David Hochberg

NMLS #136675