Your Life and Your Credit Score: Understand, Enhance, and Save!

One of the biggest factors in your entire financial life is your credit score. Surprisingly, most Americans don’t have the basic understanding of what goes into your credit score, how to enhance your score, and how your score impacts your financing offers.

Credit card fees are crushing individuals who don’t understand them, and are providing too many opportunities for people to “financially cheat” on their spouse. And while sometimes your score will go up without having to do anything, most of the time you need to be proactive about handling your credit.

Team Hochberg understands this, and wants to help! If you’re having credit challenges because of student loan debt, credit card debt, or a more serious negative financial event, we can help. We can help if you live in a city that has great credit, or a city that doesn’t. This is why we started the credit enhancement challenge with Gary Novel. Gary is an expert on credit, and if you work with Gary to enhance your credit then come back to Team Hochberg for a mortgage, we will credit you back the cost of Gary’s fee. It’s a win-win because I will pay you back for this investment you’re making in yourself!

Call us first at 855-563-2843, or contact us via our website, and we’ll start helping you right away!